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Dating: Now vs. The 90’s

This video really brings up a good point. Profiles and blogs do help you get to know somebody without having to talk to them in person. But that just takes away the whole mystery of having a genuine conversation with someone because they’re not telling you themselves. The internet is a wonderful platform and all these technological advances and the rise of social media have been great. However, it gets to a certain point where we start getting less social and less natural because we let technology take over our lives. Technology is hinders us from reaching our absolute full potential.

If you ask me, I would rather be my age right now in the 90’s. It would be much easier to socialize with people. And plus if this were the 90s I would be out ¬†every night instead of binge watching on netflix.




Tianna G.

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Emma Watson - The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival

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not being at comic con like 

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